Agile Pontoon Fishing Craft Will Get You Rocking!

Fishing pontoons have had a good run since they became something of a phenomenon back in the 90’s, and they’re still going strong, with many excellent craft available for your still water fishing expeditions.

And they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg either! Even brand new you can get an excellent 8-footer with many handy features and a comfortable seat for only a couple of hundred dollars.

So what’s the big fuss about these agile-looking craft?

Well, for a start, they are very, er… agile little fishing craft! This is largely thanks to the the particular rocker-shape of the pontoons. Other than, say catarafts, pontoon boats have less of the tube in the water per foot of tube – and therefore less resistance.

Less resistance means it becomes possible to turn in very tight circles, always getting you in the best spot for the action going on below! This maneuverability also helps you to easily navigate the river runs you’ll be making from hole to hole.

And of course, sitting comfortably in your high seat gives you an excellent view of your surroundings and where you’re heading.

Where can you go in your fishing pontoon?

These craft are primarily aimed at still water, inland lake and slow-moving river use. You will definitely want to avoid whitewater situations! Even the larger, more stable 12 footers are not designed with the stability needed for fast-water rafting. For that you will need to look at catarafts and the like!

And when it comes to getting to the river and back, most of these craft can be loaded and transported with ease on your rooftop or in a pickup or SUV.

So if you’re aiming for some quiet, sit-down fishing on your own or with a buddy – and you don’t want to break the bank – a fishing pontoon is definitely an option to look into!