Hurricanes and Fishing

For those of us that love to fish we know that after a major hurricane or large tropical storm there is often debris in the ocean, lakes and rivers. Such debris on the water takes away much of the fun in fishing. If you are fly fishing and watching debris flow by in a river you often have to dodge the debris as it heads toward you and that is no fun.

If you are in a boat along the river banks or in a cove you see the debris everywhere along the edges and floating in the water and it often hits the hull of the boat and can damage your vessel. Hurricanes often bring in different species that you may not be use to as well. This can make your fishing aggravating, as you keep catching the wrong types of fish.

Hurricanes can often change the shoreline and displace fish species from your favorite fishing spot, meaning the fish are no longer there and so there is nothing biting. The 2005 Atlantic tropical hurricane season was intense and many of these storms and hurricanes had remnants that went up into the higher latitude of our nation.

This caused massive runoff in debris to be thrown into the water in the rivers and lakes. We can expect more of the same from the 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season and this may also affect your fishing. Please consider this and 2006.

Lance Winslow