Top 10 Best Long Sleeve Fishing Shirts (2022 Reviews)

Before going for a fishing trip, it is a great idea to prepare a checklist of all the fishing gear you will need to go out on the water. One item that should also be on the list is a fishing shirt. The long sleeve fishing shirts are indeed great fishing gear as they provide wholesome protections to the hands and arms when engaged for use. It is certainly hence in your best interest to make good use of them while attempting to extract fish from the water bodies.

Long sleeve fishing shirts are designed to keep your body comfortable, cool, and safe at the same time from the UV rays when you are in the sun. In order to help you in buying the best long sleeve fishing shirts as well as saving money, we have prepared this article to review a couple of these fishing shirts. They are no doubt the very best that money can buy. We did exercise great caution as we searched for and compiled this list.

List of The Best Long Sleeve Fishing Shirts

10. Koofin Performance Fishing Hoodie UPF 50 Sunblock Shirt

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Desiring to protect your whole body from the intense sun? We ask that you make good use of this long-sleeve shirt. Its materials are packed with the impressive Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50. This one blocks out all the harmful rays from penetrating deep in the short and possibly harming you.

The materials that make it up are 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex respectively. They are strong, breathable, stretchy, and truly comfortable. Unlike the many alternatives that exist around, the shoulders of this one do not have any seams. Thus, they tend to last longer and resist all tears well.

09. Huk Subphantis Double Header Vented Long Sleeve Shirt

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Like any other clothing attire, the shirts that are destined for fishing also tend to sustain stains and other forms of contaminants. Nonetheless, a good shirt ought to be able to resist all stains and maintain its proper appearance at all times. You have a companion in this specific apparel.

Its flagship trait is stain resistance. Due to this, it maintains its stature from all the elements of possible soiling and contaminations. Aside from this, the shirt itself is also easier to wash, is highly breathable, and quite unlikely to make you sweat while in the course of fishing.

08. Under Armour UA Locker 2.0

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Do you operate a schedule that is somewhat squeezed? This is a good shirt to place your bet on. It is quick-drying, a fact that is largely brought about or made possible by the use of the UA tech fabric. On account of this, the shirt is pretty convenient to dry and subsequently make use of.

When worn on the body, the shirt itself generates quite a natural feel. Hardly does it bruise the body and predispose it to the risks of cuts. Also, it does wick away all the sweat to maintain your body in a perpetual state of dryness and utmost comfort.

07. BALEAF Men’s UPF 50+ Sun Protection Hoodie

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Are you an athlete who doubles up as a fishing enthusiast? This is the shirt to set your eyes on. It is multipurpose and indeed capable of serving a myriad of tasks at a time. This makes it a good one to consider leveraging if you want to save some of your time and effort too!

A sun protection factor stands taller among the most awesome traits of the shirt altogether. The factor does block out all the harmful rays of the sun. Next comes the fashionable appearance that seeks to add some elegance to the wearers and the environment in which it is used.

06. Koofin Performance Fishing Shirt Vented Long Sleeve

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Do you spend much of your time outdoors? If you do, the kind of shirt you pick for the job has to be optimized for a variety of outdoor applications. With this one, it is possible for you to run, fish, swim, and hike, to name but a few!

The shirt is overall comfortable to put on and subsequently make good use of. Moreover, it also eliminates all forms of hassles that are generally confronted when making use of such shirts. Rounding up the list of its venerable traits is exceptional styling and utmost durability.

05. Columbia Men’s PFG Tamiami II Long Sleeve Shirt

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Planning to carry some gears along with you as you fish? Set your eyes on this long-sleeve shirt. It is packed with a host of handy features. In particular, it does have two handy chest pockets whose roles are to allow for the storage and haulage of extra accessories and gears.

You will find the pockets particularly useful when the temperatures are too high and you need to act quickly. Overall, the item is comfortable and breathable. Even when you have to put it on for too long, you will not suffer the untold consequences of smelly armpits or wet clothes.

04. HUK Pursuit Vented Ls Long Sleeve

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Needless to point out, the fishing grounds are prone to the risks of water damage. The water damage occurs or arises mainly due to the constant bombardment of the vessels with the waves from the water bodies. You need a shirt that can dry faster to expedite your own operations.

This is the one to set your eyes on. It does have the distinct advantage of drying faster than the many alternatives we have around. Moreover, its fabric is such that it maintains you in a state of absolute warmth when fishing out in a cold open area.

03. Columbia Men’s PFG Terminal Tackle Fishing Hoodie

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Do you have extremely sensitive skin? We urge you to consider making good use of this shirt. It is overall able to protect the delicate skins from all the risks that ordinarily come about with exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiation. This is largely made possible by the Omni-shade blocks.

A tight weave construction is by far the most outstanding aspect of the shirt. This is the one that weaves all the constituent parts and components together. Being strong and reliable, it minimizes any possibilities of frays and tears that are common with such attire.

02. Southern Fin Apparel Long Sleeve Fishing T-Shirt

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Do you have a female fisherman in your household? If you do, the shirt you choose for the job has to be optimized for the female wearers as well. Look to no other shirt than this one. It is unisex and hence fits both genders equally. More to that, it is also optimized for outdoor environments well.

A moisture-wicking feature is the one that makes it stand apart from the rest. With this feature, the shirt is able to absorb or wick away all the moisture successfully. That maintains your skin dry, less smelly, and truly comfortable all the while.

01. Koofin Gear Performance Fishing Hoodie Long Sleeve

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If you are looking to fish in an environment that is hot and humid, we invite you to attempt your luck on this shirt. It contains all the trappings that may be necessary for such circumstances of use. That is because it is light in weight, extremely breathable, and has a super soft fabric.

Thus, it is highly unlikely to rub against your skin and cause unnecessary discomfort. The fabric in use is stretch-flex. As its designation implies, this one stretches and retracts to line up with the exact needs you may have in mind. In doing so, it maintains you in a perpetual state of absolute comfort.


Your search for the most suitable long sleeve shirt comes to an end there. It is now our hope that you have found the inspiration you badly need to forge forward with confidence. Having done that, we are left with no choice but to pass the buck to you to implement the findings.

That cannot mean anything else save for you to find one from the list above. Consider such issues as your own size, the fishing environment you have in mind, the planned frequency of use, and of course your own financial resource base! Is it not a good thing to share the information far and wide?

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