Top 10 Best Women Paddling Jackets 2019 Reviews

Paddling is a fun game that is enjoyed by many especially women. For you to be able to have a comfortable paddling experience, you have to make sure that you have the right paddling gears and they should still allow you move freely and be soft as well without feeling too much heat. Having a paddling jacket is essential since the majority of the jackets are designed with pockets which provide storage spaces for your devices and other accessories. Also, others are designed with hoodies which protect your head from the harsh sunlight when paddling during the summer seasons. Below are reviews of 10 best women paddling jackets that are suitable for women.

1. Kokatat Women’s Tropos Light Drift Paddle Jacket

1. Kokatat Women's Tropos Light Drift Paddle Jacket

One thing that makes this jacket to be recommended for ladies is its lightweight built which makes it easy to paddle with their hands. The coat is made of waterproof material such that even when you splash water while wearing it, it dries up quickly. It consists of two layers traps light fabric whereby one is made of a mesh-like structure to allow breathability. The accessories found on the jacket include; self-draining sleeve pocket with a key lanyard factory sealed seam, and it also has an adjustable bungee drawcord waist.

2. Supreme Women’s catch Platinum Polyolefin Jacket

2. Supreme Women's catch Platinum Polyolefin Jacket

The jacket is crafted with neoprene material and polyolefin material that allows one to have a breath of fresh air while paddling especially during the hot seasons. It is light in weight and made in the form of spandex hence making it look elegant. This jacket has a front zipper which is quite easy to open and close as well. The jacket has side pockets where you can keep your phone and other small accessories like the keys. Other great features include a hat to secure your head from the heat, and it also has fuel hydration pockets which close on their own.

3. Supreme Women’s Catch 1.5 MM Neoprene Jacket

3. Supreme Women's Catch 1.5 MM Neoprene Jacket

The jacket features neoprene construction which ensures its durability; It is made of 100 percent microfleece interior and a flat lock for assembly. It is quite durable and easy to operate with the provided front zipper. You can carry your cell phone and other small items like the keys with the jacket since it is equipped with side pockets for these purposes. It also comes with a hat that secures your face from the harsh sunlight rays.

4. NRS Endurance Jacket

4. NRS Endurance Jacket

This jacket comes in beautiful and different color for you to choose. This jacket features cut lines which provide an excellent fit for the paddlers who have narrow shoulders. It is waterproof since it dries up pretty quickly and it also has breathability material that allows one to wear it for long hours without getting all sweaty. Also, this jacket has an adjustable urethane neck and waist closures which helps in keeping water away from getting into contact with your body. Moreover, the coat has taped seams which also prevents water from getting inside. You can put your phone and other accessories in the pockets on the side hands.

5. Level Six Women’s Manitou jacket

5. Level Six Women's Manitou jacket

Aside from wearing the jacket while paddling, you can also wear it for other outdoor activities like hiking or jogging. This jacket made of a lightweight construction that does not restrict you from carrying out your activities. It has a breathable outer garment which allows you to have some circulation of fresh air when it gets hot. Also, this jacket comes in two beautiful colors which are the purple and pink. Plus, it also has the cap which can help protecting your head from the harsh sunlight rays. The waist is made of flexible neoprene materials, and the hood is removable too.

6. NRs Hydroskin 0.5 Jacket

6. NRs Hydroskin 0.5 Jacket

The jacket comes in both black and grey color which range from small size to XXL. It has a front zip which makes it easy to open and close. Also, this jacket features about 0.5 mm terrene neoprene with heat-reflecting titanium cuts that has chili on cool days. The coat is made of a fantastic design which allows one to move the hands freely while paddling and doing other activities. It has a spandex fabric that takes the shape of the body thus giving an elegant look. It is stretchy meaning it can fit differently sized ladies. The jacket has ventilation holes that ensure there is a free flow of air while paddling to keep you cool.

7. Kolkata Rogue Gore-Tex Drytop Women’s

7. Kolkata Rogue Gore-Tex Drytop Women's

The jacket is designed in multiple colors, and it has chest zipper which allows one to easily slid the coat on. The neck and the wrist have latex material which is essential for preventing the water from getting into contact with the body. It has dual adjustable neoprene waist which is equipped with a GORE-TEX performance shell inner skirt. The jacket also has integrated GORE-TEX Cordula reinforced shoulders elbows and even the forearms.

8. Slam Force 2 Jacket Women

8. Slam Force 2 Jacket Women

The jacket is crafted with a waterproof nylon material that prevents the water from getting into the skin while paddling. It is designed in different shades of colors and sizes too. The cuffs are created in an adjustable fit to fit various people, and the interior of the jacket is crafted with anti-ride silicone grip on trim. The jacket also has reflective prints on the arms and the wrists. The jacket is designed with a highly visible rollaway hood which also has a reflective patch.

9. NRS Flux DRYTop Women’s Jacket

9. NRS Flux DRYTop Women's Jacket

The jacket features four different fabrics with each having its function. Some materials are essential for allowing breathability; others act as waterproof and also enable moisture to escape from the garment. It is made in a great sizing which allows one to roll their hands without any restrictions. The jacket is comfortable to wear for a long time, and it also has a pocket where you can keep your small items like the phones or even the keys. The neck and the wrists are equipped with gaskets which prevent the water from getting into the body.

10. Women’s Super Breeze Paddle Jacket By Kokatat

10. Women's Super Breeze Paddle Jacket By Kokatat

The jacket can be worn in different seasons since it consists of waterproof material that allows breathability and warmth as well. The neck and the wrist are equipped with closures to prevent the water from getting inside. The jacket is also designed with drawcord and wrist closure which are adjustable to provide a proper fitting. The jacket is also designed with a composed urethane coated fabric for durability.


The above are 10 best women paddling jackets for any lady who would love to start paddling. The jackets are made of excellent materials which allow air to flow and also prevent you from getting soaked by water since they are waterproof. You can still carry your small belongings while paddling since the jackets are made with side pockets for secure storage.

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