10 Best Filtered Water Bottles for Outdoor (2024 Reviews)

Keeping your body hydrated is crucial and if you don’t want to keep on buying water all the time or in case you are in outdoor areas, get a water bottle. If you need a container that is safe and convenient, then I would recommend a filtered water bottle.

These bottles are crafted with filtration power which is essential to keep the water clean, and free from other contaminants.

List of The Best Filtered Water Bottles

10. Grayl Ultra-Light Water Purifier Bottle

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Whether you are looking for a filtered bottle for your outdoor adventures or for traveling, Garly is just the perfect bottle to choose from. It is fast and easy to use as all you need to do is fill the bottle, press, and drink the water. It is also super safe since it removes up to 9.9 viruses found in waters.

The bottle has won an award as one of the best purifier bottles in the world as it can remove particulates, chemicals such as chlorine and heavy metals that may be on the waters as well.

09. LIfeStraw Go Water Filter Bottles

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The Lifestraw bottle is designed to make your outdoor life easy and fun since it is equipped with a drinking straw for easy access to the water. The container is suitable for people who love backpacking, hiking, traveling and even camping. It is crafted hygienically to ensure the water is safe for human consumption. The straw is made of BPA free material, and it is reusable as well.

This filtered water bottle is made of stage two carbon filter essential for filtering and reducing all the chlorine and odor that may be in the water. The bottle filters up to 99.9 bacteria and contaminants found in the waters.

08. Camelback Groove 6 L Water Bottle

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Aside from the pocket-friendly price this bottle is sold at, it is also large enough to carry water for more than one person when going for a hike. Camelback accommodates up to 6 liters of water. It is safe and excellent in filtering water including tap water. The bottle is ideal for people who love outdoor activities since it allows them to drink any water thanks to its safety and hygiene features where it makes the water clean, and fresh for consumption.

It also features a sustainable plant-based filter that lasts up to 3 months. The bottle is safe to put in your backpack as it is leak-free and quite comfortable to use while on the move thanks to the equipped straw.

07. KOR Nava BPA Free 650 ml Filter Water Bottle

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This bottle has been tested and approved to be safe for human consumption since it is BPA free. It is equipped with a carbon filter that is made of pure coconut shell thus making it safe for human use.

Other reliable features in the bottle include; the natural water flow technology for easy drinking the water without too much squeezing, sucking or even biting. The bottle comes with a cap that protects the sprout from contaminants.

06. OKO H2O Level 2 Advanced Filtration Water Bottle

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Apart from the grand design of the bottle which makes it stand out, this bottle is also designed for kids to use. It is made of pure and healthy material which makes it safe for use by all ages. The materials used in crafting the bottles are; FDA compliant materials, BPA free, and transparent plastic material.

Accessing water in the bottle is easy since all you need to do is squeeze it and drink the water. The bottle filters up to 100 gallons at a go and refills about 400 gallons. The bottle is super durable and robust; hence cannot leach from the chemicals and substances found in the water. It is light in weight making it easy and comfortable to move around when doing your outdoor activities or traveling.

05. Seychelle 1-10403-28-HI-FC-s Water Filtration Bottle

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If you are searching for a water bottle that you can use while hiking then gets a Seychelle water bottle. It is made with a handle which makes it easy to move around with the bottle, and it is light in weight.

The bottle filters water to make it safe for human consumption as it can remove various contaminants such as the radiation, nuclear and other contaminants. It is super easy to open the bottle and access the water without squeezing the bottle too much.

04. Brita 23.7 Ounces Hard Sided Water Bottle with Filter

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This bottle keeps your water safe regardless of where you are thanks to the filtration mechanism equipped. The bottle makes tap water suitable for consumption and removes all contaminants making it safe and taste better. You can drink the water while still on the move due to the equipped straw on the bottle.

The bottle is super light in weight which makes movements easy. Note that this bottle does not leak and hence can be used by travelers as well.

03. Bobble Plus Reusable Water Bottle

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You can wash this bottle in a dishwasher as it is safe and robust. It is crafted with high-quality materials that have been tested and approved to be safe for human use. The bottle is ideal for traveling since it is comfortable to carry around and does not leak. The material is squeezable for easy access to water, and you can infuse your water with ice cubes since the bottle mouth is large.

This filtered water bottle is durable such that even if you accidentally drop it on the ground, it cannot burst easily unlike other bottles. It filters the tap water to remove all contaminants and make it taste much better.

02. WaterBasics Filtered Water Bottle

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This filtered water bottle filters up to 80 gallons of water, and it can remove all the bacteria that may be in the water due to the equipped GN line. The bottle is ideal for outdoor activities since it is light in weight for easy carrying around.

The bottle filter s out chlorine and other chemicals that may be in the water making it taste better and fresh too. Other features include the patented Bite ME valve which prevents the bottle from leaking and easy to drink water.

01. Refresh2go 26oz Curve Filtered Water Bottle

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If you need a container that you can share with your partner, refresh2go is the perfect one to choose from. It features two straws that can be utilized by two people. The bottle is made of a stylish look for easy carrying when hiking.

The lid is super tight to prevent any leakage from the bottle especially when traveling with it. Built-in filter mechanisms help to remove contaminants and chemicals such as chlorine that may be present in the water. The bottle treats about 40 gallons of water at a go.


Whether you are going for a hike or traveling, these are the top ten best-filtered water bottles to buy. The bottles are made with filtration mechanisms and safe materials which allow one to drink water, especially when on outdoor areas comfortably. For traveling purposes, check out the design of the bottle to ensure it does not leak.