Top 20 Best Watersports Helmets (2024 Reviews)

Water sporting activities are ordinarily dangerous. They are potentially injurious not to mention being able to inflict permanent damage to your head and skull. It is only wise of you to put on the necessary safety gear to mitigate these potential dangers. For this, you need the watersports helmet.

These are special gears which you wear on your head. They are strong, tough, and very protective. In light of this, they offer adequate protection to your head. To get to know how to arrive at the best possible purchase, we ask you to read through our reviews hereunder.

List of The Best Watersports Helmet

1. Tontron Adult Whitewater Kayaking Canoeing Watersports Helmet

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When most of these helmets are worn in hot and humid sessions, they tend to overheat and predispose you, the wearer, to lots of sweat. You do not want this eventuality to befall you at all. That is why you want to lay your hands on a helmet that is able to dissipate the sweat a little bit faster.

We ask you to attempt your hands on this one. Its interior contains a quick dry soft EVA absorption liner that absorbs and wicks away all the moisture to keep the head dry. During its makeup and handling, the item is also designed and structured to exceed the common safety standards.

Specifications and Features

  • Quick-dry soft EVA absorption liner
  • Removable ear protection pads
  • Adjustable back of the head dial
  • Filock magnetic buckle
  • 12 air-vents system

What we like:

  • Fastens for better comfort and maximum reliability
  • Easier to lock and open when need be
  • Wicks away all the moisture to keep your head dry

2. Vihir Adult Water Sports Helmet with Ears

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Protecting the head alone may never be enough. Sometimes, you have to go beyond that to even impact your ears as well. For you to do that, you have to acquire and make use of a helmet that is designed and equipped to protect the ears and the skull alike.

Waste, not your time with any other but this one. Apart from this duality of purposes, the helmet also meets and exceeds many of the certification standards that be. Also existing as a core part and parcel of this item is the trait of more precise adjustments. Get hold of it to enjoy some handling and engagements.

Specifications and Features

  • Cold-molding EVA foam
  • Meets and exceeds EN 1385 helmet and safety standards
  • 11 ventilation holes and perforations
  • Adjustable extra-large helmet
  • Secure fit owing to the quick-release buckle

What we like:

  • Great for recreational use
  • Appropriately ventilated for maximum coolness and breathability
  • May guard against the snow as well

3. Triple Eight Sweatsaver Halo Water Helmet for Wakeboarding and Waterskiing

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Children are naturally restless. They are subsequently more prone to the risks of fall-offs and slipperiness. For them, the helmet you choose to use has to be able to absorb the strongest impacts. None comes even close to this. Its structure and stature are really strong and very absorbing.

Its interior liber wicks away all the moisture and also confers added comfort. The helmet itself is easier to adjust and suits all kinds of associated purposes. Due to the strong and reliable structural makeup of the gadget, it is able to serve many settings and circumstances of use.

Specifications and Features

  • Triple 8 Sweatsaver halo water helmet
  • Closed-cell EVA interior liner foam
  • Impact-absorbing high-density ABS thermoplastic polymer
  • Hook and loop tape
  • Meets and exceeds the CE EN 1385 water sports safety standards

What we like:

  • Combines style and maximum comfort
  • Removes for easier washing and maintenance
  • Wicks away all the moisture and humidity

4. OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet

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This is a watersport helmet to look up to if you have the needs of many cadres of users to care for. It suits adults, youths, and small children. Due to its multipurpose nature, the gadget also saves some time and returns a higher value for money. Need we state it is appropriately ventilated?

Even when you have to put it on for too long a duration of time, you won’t suffocate or feel too uncomfortable. Given that many of its parts and components are removable the item is easier, on the whole, to care for and handle on a day-to-day basis.

Specifications and Features

  • ASTM and CPSC certified for safety
  • Reinforced ABS shell
  • Thickened shock-absorbing EPS core
  • Extra removable interior lining
  • Relevant for multi-sporting activities

What we like:

  • Stretches for many head sizes
  • Fits many sporting activities besides water-based
  • Easier and hassle-free to adjust

5. Tontron Adult Whitewater Kayaking Canoeing Watersports Helmet

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It may be that you are also involved in the matters of construction and mining over and above merely being a water sporting enthusiast. If you are such kind of a person, you may want a helmet that is multipurpose such as this one. It is optimized for high impacts and energy testing.

Its makeup is indeed structured to absorb as much energy as can be. Even when it is hit by the strongest rocks, the item is sure to retain its stature. Throughout the item are some ventilations to ensure the coolness of your head while at the same time also upholding your utmost comfort.

Specifications and Features

  • A tested retention strap system
  • 25 mm maximum dynamic extension
  • Waterproof, quick-dry soft EVA interior liner
  • Protection cushioning
  • Exceptional up-thrust and buoyancy

What we like:

  • Tested for the harshest impacts
  • Made of a reliable sporting brand
  • Withstands the most strenuous impacts and damages

6. Pro-Tec Ace Water Helmet

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If you engage mainly in outdoor and water sporting activities, you have this one for your choice and ultimate leverage. It is versatile enough to be dedicated to the matters of kite surfing, kayaking, waterboarding, and a host of many other associated tasks and applications.

Throughout the structure are some open ventilation holes. These not only guarantee a smooth flow and exchange of air but also drain out excess sweat without too much ado on your part. Its exterior is also quite appealing to external observers. Take and dedicate it to your aesthetics and décor appeals.

Specifications and Features

  • High-density injection-molded ABS shell
  • Dual-density waterproof EVA interior liner
  • Multi-use rear-mount strap
  • 15 open vents for excellent ventilation and drainage
  • Full surround interior protection

What we like:

  • Lasts longer than many alternative helmets
  • Its interior is lined for additional comfort and sweat dissipation
  • The waterproof makeup prevents the infiltration of exterior moisture

7. Gath Gedi Surf Safety Helmet with Peak

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If your head is small, you do not have to put on a larger helmet. Instead, you have to choose one that is similarly smaller. We recommend this one for your use. It is small yet at the same time packed with numerous features, parts, and components that are meant to elevate your experience further.

Particularly, the helmet is safer and less likely to make your head sustain unnecessary damages when dedicated to the use thereof. What’s more? It also suits many watersports and other outdoor undertakings. Top examples of these are windsurfing, wakeboarding, and kite surfing.

Specifications and Features

  • Removable ear protectors
  • Spare comfort straps
  • Chinstrap anti-rash sleeve
  • PWC (power watercraft)
  • 540 mm – 555 mm American hat

What we like:

  • Delivers a higher level of impact protection
  • Offers adequate protection to your ears as well
  • Suitable for the matters of search and rescue

8. WRSI Current Kayak Helmet

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Tackling the powerful torrents and currents is not something that you can take on using your ordinary helmets. Instead, you need to lay your hands on a helmet that is strong and enduring. This might be a great one to set your eyes on. It bears high-quality material construction.

This is it! Besides the high-quality material construction is the extensive existence of advanced technologies. These work extra hard to enable you to stay in the best shape and form all the while of engagements. The interior on the other hand bears the plush lining for added comfort.

Specifications and Features

  • ABS plastic, polyurethane sub-shell shell material
  • EVA liner impact foam
  • Multiple impact capability
  • 3 ventilation/drain holes
  • Interconnect Retainment system fit adjustment

What we like:

  • Strong construction due to the extensive use of the ABS plastic
  • Three ventilation and drain holes
  • Ability to fit many the heads of many users

9. NRS Chaos Helmet – Side Cut, Yellow, XL, 42605.03.129

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This helmet is meant for all kinds of watersports and outdoor activities. These include but are certainly not limited to stand-up paddling, rafting, kayaking, and canoeing. It hence suits and favors that person who is constantly on the water bodies. That is not all it has to offer though.

Compared to many of its peers, this item is very comfortable. Even when you have to put it on for too long, it won’t strain your head or predispose you to the risks of suffocation or fatigue. Rounding all its exceptional ends is the fact that it resists all forms of imminent dangers and chip-away.

Specifications and Features

  • ABS plastic shell material
  • EVA impact foam
  • Boa, adjustable chin strap
  • CE EN 1385 certifications
  • Dual-density EVA foam

What we like:

  • Properly ventilated and pretty comfortable for you
  • Dissipates all impacts and strains that may be leveled against it
  • Delivers and manages a higher degree of whitewater safety

10. BERN, Summer Watts EPS Helmet

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As its designation suggests, this helmet is structured and intended for the summer months. It is hence suitable for confronting excess humidity, higher levels of temperature, and summer precipitation. Further to these, the item also fights and enables you to take on all the seasons.

The tried and true EPS/ABS construction takes the first spot of all the major traits and features that the item has. Thanks to this awesome construction, the item lasts longer and endures many spates of damage. Also, it requires limited repairs and maintenance needs from you. Its use is hence quite comfortable and convenient.

Specifications and Features

  • Baseball-hat-inspired hard visor
  • Classic Bern styling looks
  • Crank Fit dial-adjustable fit system
  • True EPS/ABS construction
  • Moisture-controlling premium liner

What we like:

  • Meets and exceeds the ASTM standards
  • Suitable for the cold and the warm weather
  • Allows a smoother exchange of the ambient air

11. Gath SFC Surf Convertible Helmet

10: Gath SFC Surf Convertible Helmet

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If you are a surfing enthusiast, this is the helmet for you. It is light enough to prevent you from having to confront too many strains and drag. The beautiful part of this helmet is the fact that you may convert it to an ordinary hat. That it is SLSA-approved makes it all the more outstanding.

It does contain a unique fitting system that basically responds to the shapes and contours of various heads. At the same time, it gives off some snug comfort which shields you from the punches of the waves. Moreover, it also offers some protection to your ears too!

12. Palm PRO-TEC Ace WAKE Helmet in RED GLOSS CH109

9: Palm PRO-TEC Ace WAKE Helmet in RED GLOSS CH109

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Do you wish to go sporting in the hot weather? If you do, the helmet you choose has to be very breathable and cool. This particular helmet is designed with this very need in mind. That is because it comes along with some 16 open vents.

These drain excess water and let sufficient fresh air at the same time. This helmet goes beyond merely protecting your head. It also shields your ears from external elements. Throughout its interior is some soft lining which is purposely placed for your added comfort. Finally, it meets various safety standards.

13. ProTec Ace Wake Helmet

8: ProTec Ace Wake Helmet

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Needless to say, the shapes of the heads of people vary significantly. It is only fair that the helmet of choice has to similarly be alive to this reality. Well, this helmet understands this fact only too well. That is evidenced by its ability to alter its size and respond to the many shapes of heads available.

At its core is the durable high-impact ABS material shelf. This one is further complemented with 15 open vents, a dual-density EVA interior liner, and a multi-use rear-mount strap. They all combine to make your experience worthwhile and unlike any other.

14. Triple Eight Gotham Water Helmet for Wakeboarding and Waterskiing

7: Triple Eight Gotham Water Helmet for Wakeboarding and Waterskiing

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Putting on a helmet is one thing. Taking care of it after use is yet another thing altogether. Indeed, many wearers of these helmets have complained of experiencing some difficulty while taking care of theirs. The case is not the same for this particular helmet though.

The reason here is that it is purposely designed for easy care and use. Its Velcro is removable to make this possibility real. This aside, the helmet itself is also capable of discharging reliable outcomes. Its headliner is made of dual-density closed-cell EVA foam and is as such truly reliable.

15. Pro-Tec Full Cut Water Helmet

6: Pro-Tec Full Cut Water Helmet

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Intense water sporting activities predispose you to the risks of sweat and overheating. These two are completely undesirable given the foul smell and discomforts that they bring about. It is only wise that you make appropriate arrangements to mitigate them. Simply place your bet on this helmet to do that.

This helmet is appropriately ventilated to allow for the smooth exchange of gases. It also possesses excellent water drainage capabilities not to mention being padded appropriately. Expect therefore to enjoy some comfort and longevity of use. Being flexible, you will easily customize its fit to the unique sizes of your head.

16. Pro-Tec Ace Water Helmet

5: Pro-Tec Ace Water Helmet

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Do you spend much of your time participating in watersport activities? If you do, we ask you to try a universal watersport helmet like this one. On the whole, this helmet can take on wakeboarding, kite surfing, kayaking, and a host of other watersport activities. It is hence more likely to fulfill your needs.

Apart from being multipurpose, this helmet is also appropriately equipped for matters water sports. Its shell is pretty tough by virtue of the high-density injection-molded ABS plastic construction. Further, it contains the dual-density waterproof EVA interior lining and some 15 open vents.

17. Pro-Tec Ace Water Surf Helmet

4: Pro-Tec Ace Water Helmet

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It is not uncommon for the water to get to your ears while surfing, kayaking, or sporting in the water. To spare yourself from the associated dangers, you want to pay some particular attention to your ears. This can only happen if you choose a helmet that is designed for such a role in the first place.

This is it. Its flagship feature is the full-surround interior ear protection. This is further accompanied by a batch of removable cupping ear guards. Together, they shield your ears from any direct contact with the water channels. Its shell is also hard enough to ward off excess impacts.

18. NRS Chaos Side-Cut Kayak Helmet

3: NRS Chaos Side-Cut Kayak Helmet

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Kayaking, stand-up paddling, rafting, and canoeing require some speed and endurance. The last you would want to do is add extra weight or interfere with the flow of ambient air. For these and many other associated roles, you badly want a helmet that is both light and aerodynamic.

Look to no other one than this. Its shell is durable by virtue of the ABS plastic material construction. The interior comes along with some dual-density EVA foam lining for added comfort. To secure the helmet on your head, you will make do with some BOA dial-ratchet retention harness.

19. Tontron Adult Whitewater Kayaking Canoeing Bike Skate Multi-Sports Helmet

2: Tontron Adult Whitewater Kayaking Canoeing Bike Skate Multi-Sports Helmet

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Are you a career water sportsman? If you are, we ask you not to try any other helmet than this. It meets and exceeds many safety standards that govern such pieces of equipment. Also, it is on the whole optimized for the comfort and protection to your skull.

To add to these, the helmet contains a host of comfort features. Key among them are the removable ear protection pads, 11 air vents, and the legendary quick-dry soft EVA absorption liner. Regardless of how turbulent your waters might be, count on this helmet to stay strong and not let you down.

20. TurboSke Ski Watersports Helmet

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Topping the list of these helmets is this TurboSke Ski Helmet. This sporting gear is intended for the career water sportsman. It is tough, very durable and on the whole able to endure the most strenuous of impacts imaginable. This is not to mention that it can take on many of water sporting activities.

The gear comprises many elegant features. Among them are the two reinforced interior layers, size adjustability, proper adjustable ventilation, strong ABS material construction, semi-flexible shell, and high-quality EPS foam. It is lastly certified by many relevant accreditation agencies like the ASTM F2040 and EN1077.


Finding the right watersport helmet is not an easy task, especially if you have to choose one among thousands of choices. To lay your hands on an appropriate watersport helmet, you have to take care of these and many more factors:

Size vs. Fit

Of course, these helmets have to fit as nearly as can be to the heads. Thus, you have to figure out the size of them alongside that of your head. You have of course to settle on that which can fit your head as nearly as can be. To be on the safer side, the helmet has to adjust to allow for maximum comfort.

Precise Environment of Use

Where exactly do you plan to devote the helmet for use? If it is an environment that is hot and humid, the helmet has to be appropriately ventilated to ensure maximum coolness. On the other hand, if it is an environment that is cooler and less humid, any cheaper alternative may easily do.

Care and Maintenance

These items no doubt have to be cared for and maintained. Nonetheless, care and maintenance need not be too strenuous. You have to deliberately make every effort to find one that is easier to clean and maintain all the while. Assess your capability sincerely before getting to this.

Anticipated Intensity of Impacts

How intense is the impact you anticipate confronting along the way of use? If the impact you anticipate is too strenuous, the helmet also has to be strong and enduring. Settle for a weaker counterpart if the severity of the impact is weaker on the flip side.


Lastly, the weight of the helmet must also be a great consideration on your part. A great helmet has to be lighter and more convenient to engage. That should be particularly necessary if you have to put on yours for a duration that is extended and stretched for a longer duration of time.


You now have what you might need for your subsequent water sporting activities. The onus is now on you to look for the right watersports helmet and make it yours. Just read through the explanations we have provided under each gear we have listed above. As you read through, weigh those traits alongside your own expectations.

This way, it will be possible to narrow it down to the best-ever watersports helmet for you. Be mindful of your financial resource endowment as well. That is because many of these helmets cost some premiums. You do not want to subject yourself to too many strains, do you?


Obviously, a watersports helmet is very beneficial for use. A typical watersport helmet brings about the following advantages:

Protects the head from concussions

Being tough and strong, the helmet protects the head from concussions and other possible sources of damage. By putting it on, you won’t have to worry excessively about your health and stature. Instead, you gain and make maximum use of the peace of mind that comes along with use.

Adds some beauty and décor to your attire

Many of these helmets are beautiful and aesthetic to behold. For this reason, they also work to add some beauty and décor to your attire and clothing. All you have to do is make a pick that contains the colors and the adornments that blend well with your beauty and décor needs.

Keeps the head warm

The materials that make the helmets up are warm and impenetrable. Because of this, the helmets also serve to make your head stay in an absolute state of extreme warmth and comfort. You have the helmets for your taking and consideration hence if you intend to make use of the same in cold waters.

Upholds and maintains your visibility in the water

They are also designed and optimized for the matters of easy evacuations. To make this dream a reality, the helmets are luminous and bear highly visible paintings and exterior adornments. These enable it to stay visible even in the moments of extremely low illumination such as the twilights.

Useful in other activities

Other than fishing, these helmets are also useful in other activities like hunting, construction, and camping. Choosing to purchase and make use of them hence means getting a higher return on your investments. You also enjoy the convenience of tackling many outdoor tasks ‘under one roof.’


What materials make the best watersport helmets?

The materials that make the best watersport helmets are propylene and ethylene vinyl acetate. They are strong and porous enough to confer the stability needed while at the same time also ensuring an exceptionally high degree of breathability along the way of use. This is not to mention the added levels of comfort.

What are the leading brands of watersport helmets?

As of 2024, the following are the leading watersport brands: NP Surf, Pro-Tec Ace, Tontron, OutdoorMaster, Triple Eight

To what alternative uses may watersport helmets be dedicated?

Some of these helmets may be dedicated to the matters of construction, building, recreation, and training over and above merely servicing the water sports activities. Please note though that not all of them may be suited for these roles. You may hence have to carry out thorough background searches.

How much does a good watersport helmet cost?

Expect to part with $20-$100, give or take to lay your hand on a quality watersport helmet. The exact cost depends on the brand, the dimensions, purposes intended, and the overall longevity of planned usage. You have to really carry out some in-depth study and product comparison before embarking on a purchase.

How much does a typical watersport helmet weigh?

Many of these watersport helmets weigh around 400 grams, give or take. The precise weight of the helmet determines the tasks for which you may dedicate the same to. Then again, you have to be mindful of your own muscle power in your quest for the most suitable helmet.


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